Three Good Things

Mother’s Day

The most beautiful artwork in the universe.

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The most amazing sons in the universe.

(that’s a bit of a pun, but one will never hear me deny the statement.)

Thank you, Christian, Justin and Nicholas for the most amazing, incredible, loving, joyful, heartbreaking and (sometimes heartstopping) roller-coaster ride of my entire life.

I could not ever sufficiently express to you how much I love you.


Three Good Things Thursday

I’ve not done one of these posts in a while, so it’s time.

Today is my Friday, since we here at George Fox get Good Friday off as a paid holiday, and three-day-weekends are always a good thing. Not sure what I’m going to do with the extra time, other than take Nicholas to his second post-surgery follow-up, but I’m pretty confident I can figure it out.

This lovely thing is right outside my window at work:


Red Rhodies…  ❤

Can’t wait to see the full bush in bloom – it’s not particularly large, as rhodie bushes go, but it’s got a whole bunch of buds and it will soon be a veritable explosion of red. Flowers are a particularly wonderful and brilliant creation, in my opinion, truly a gift.

I’ve got strong writing mojo these past several days, maybe even the past couple of weeks. All I want to do is write, and I wish this desire would camp out with me permanently. Maybe someday- but for now, I’m enjoying the ride. I’m even participating in a “Blogger 201” class being hosted by some WordPress folks, and it’s helping keep me motivated.

Here’s a parting thought as we (or at least I) head into the weekend:

“…I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.”
~Elizabeth Edwards

Indeed. 😉

Three Good Things Thursday

It’s Thursday already! Which is excellent, because of course that means tomorrow is Friday, Freakin’ Fabulous Friday. (I smell another posting theme……)

But, I digress. It remains Thursday for the time being, so three good things I must hereby proclaim.

I’m getting a new computer at work – it’s shiny laptop time!
My current machine is a desktop tower, and I’ve had it for almost seven years now. It’s been a good computer – very few issues – but I am probably one of three people left on this entire campus who still has a desktop and not a laptop. A laptop means I will be able to work at home once in a while – I mean, I love my office with the window and all, but being able to work on course schedules and other Very Important Things while lying in bed in my jammies and eating handfuls of Captain Crunch straight from the box is just too appealing to pass up.

Disclaimer: Captain Crunch is a delicious party in your mouth but also monumentally bad for your blood sugar levels, and also you in general. But it’s a hell of a lot more fun than handfuls of carrots, at least until your pancreas goes berserk and you drown in your own insulin. Just sayin’.

I am actually upright and mostly functioning today.
And why is this on the list, you might ask….?  Well, I went to bed around 9:45 last night and got to sleep fairly quickly, and then my eyes practically flew open at about 12:30 and my brain decided it was time to get busy. I truly wish there was some sort of switch, just a teeny little button even, at the base of my skull with which I could just shut the whole thing right down (except for the autonomous functions, duh!!)  The last time I remember looking at the clock (and why I even do that, I just can’t figure out, because it really does not help to actually know how much sleep is not going to happen…..) – it was around 3:45. So yeah, being horizontal and not vertical today is a good thing. Or perhaps more of a display of stubborn fortitude rather than a good thing per se, since in all honesty, I’d much rather be snuggling with my pillow right about now.

He is 11 and a half and headed to middle school in about 5 days. He’s on the brink of puberty, I’m pretty sure, even though it seems a tad early, and tends to be somewhat of a hot mess on occasion due to authority issues and bids for independence and to be truthful, quite mule-headed when he wants his way. In other words, he’s a perfectly normal middle-school boy.

But, by golly, this child still cheerfully dispenses hugs and kisses and will cuddle with me on the couch while plowing through a big bowl of popcorn and an episode of American Ninja Warrior. And he is finally learning to be a good sport when playing board games. And he’s smart and funny and has a playful splash of freckles over his nose and cheeks, although he says he hates them. Well, I don’t. And he has the most amazing blue eyes. I love this kid so much it hurts. For the record, as if I really need to say it, I love my other two sons just as much, but Nicholas was the one to make the list today.

Did I mention he’s good and ready for the zombie apocalypse as well….?

Happy Thursday, peeps!  And Friday’s a-comin’!

Three Good Things Thursday

It almost escaped me this week, but not quite….

Today I shall run with a music theme. Since my love of music spans far and wide – I’ve been listening to music for as long as I can remember, pretty much on a daily basis – I can come up with WAY more than “three essentials” in terms of albums…so perhaps I will make this an occasional series.

These aren’t listed in any particular order. I’ll write ’em down as I think of them.

Morning Dance by Spyro Gyra
This is quite possibly the most awesome jazz album ever released. According to the Wiki god, it was bestowed upon the world in the summer of 1979. My dad bought it when it first came out, and I was immediately hooked. None of SG’s later stuff compares. This is one of those albums that makes me happy when I listen to it, regardless of the mood I am in at the time. I tend to play it when I need a serious pick-me-up, or when my day is going particularly well and I just want to give it an appropriate soundtrack. Jay Beckenstein is a superb sax player, and the drumming on the last song on the second side – “End of Romanticism” – just gives me chills.

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
Ok, so….seriously. Not much even needs to be said about this one. This…is likely the best album ever released by any band, ever. It was one of the very first “adult” music albums I ever owned – it, along with Jethro Tull’s Aqualung – was given to me for my 7th birthday. Not a whole lot of 7-year-olds can make that kind of claim. Not a whole lot of 7-year-olds would have enjoyed such a gift, but to me, it was amazing. And my parents were happy, because then it meant that I wouldn’t be asking them to play their particular copy 10 times a day, as I was in the habit of doing. Along with those two incredible rock albums, I also received my very first real turntable, receiver and speakers. Oh yeah, I was set up right proper….right there in my 7-year-old bedroom with my Mickey Mouse bedsheets, Barbie dolls and piles of stuffed animals. Truly, I was waaayyyy ahead of the game in terms of good, quality music before I was even 10 years old. As a result, I know the lyrics to every single track on DSOTM, and I never, ever get tired of it. Ever.

Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens
A hippie music icon. These days Cat goes by the name Yusuf Islam, and subscribes to the same religion as indicated by his last name. One doesn’t hear much about him any more, and from what I understand he’s always been somewhat reclusive anyway. But as CS, he released a couple albums in the early 70’s that were quite popular amongst the pot-smoking, peace-loving hippie freaks similar to those my parents hung out with quite a bit when I was very young (and indeed, were flaming hippies themselves. I wore a lot of paisley when I was a kid.) Anyway, I love this album. I probably wouldn’t like it at all if I heard it for the first time now, at my age, but I listened to this stuff so much when I was a kid it was imbedded in my mind, in the fondest way, forever. A lot of music from this era is part of me in the same fashion.

I do tend to have the most awesome earworms at any given time…….

Three Good Things Thursday

Lessee……what can I come up with on this fine example of a Thursday….?

Pumpkin Spice Coffee.
I still have a few K-Cups of this stuff left from the last holiday season. Not only is it incredible as a regular cup o’ joe, but it makes a killer iced latte with coconut milk and a splash of heavy whipping cream. I discovered this particularly delightful combination this morning, and just now sipped the last of it. Sad face (until tomorrow morning, if I don’t just help myself to another one this afternoon.)

Freshly laundered mattress covers.
Clean sheets are amazing in and of themselves, but when the mattress cover is also right out of the washer/dryer, both together are beyond heavenly. If I had the time, I would probably wash it and also change the sheets every single day. There are probably some eccentric souls out there somewhere who actually do this (OCD, anyone?) but who has the time….? Except for someone with OCD, that is.

Rain after a long dry spell.
It’s been unseasonably dry here this summer, which is a bummer. But the smell (and feel) of rain when it first starts, after the weather’s been bone-parched for weeks and weeks? Oh yeah. And for my friends in Southern Oregon, who have been dealing with extremely severe smoke issues from all the wildfires there lately, it has certainly been a true Godsend. Except when it came with additional lightning strikes, which unfortunately, was the case several times. Well, I guess you can’t win ’em all, right?

I’ll bet ya’ll just can’t wait until I stop babbling about the weather, huh….?

Three Good Things Thursday

This afternoon I’ve been a bit grumpy and belly-achy and my good friend Lecia, when we went out on our afternoon walking break (in the currently one million degree heat), even admonished me to stop whining, although she was very nice about it.
So, I thought, what better time to get cracking on my Three Good Things Thursday post?
I have gorgeous hydrangeas on my desk. A colleague of mine has a yard full of ‘em, dinner-plate-sized bundles of blooms that are just amazing and she has been bringing them to me.
July is almost over. Which means August is just around the corner, which means I only need to wait a little over a month until September. I love September, because that means cooler weather and autumn, which is my favorite season for ever and ever.
Cold, cold water on a stupid hot day. Not much more I need to say about that.

Hope your Thursday has been at least as stunning as mine!

Three Good Things Thursday

I am taking a cue from one of my longtime online friends Dave Graham and am going to try to post three good things every Thursday.

While I don’t think I’ve ever been downright and wholeheartedly ungrateful about the general condition of my life, I know that I certainly don’t pause nearly often enough to be intentionally grateful. I really do believe that this whirlwind existence could always be worse, some way, somehow…so any day that I am not passed out in a gutter somewhere with tire tracks on my legs and needle tracks on my arms, I guess I’m doing pretty darned ok. (Not that I have ever, EVER been anywhere near such a state, but hey, sometimes the falls in life can be pretty spectacular in scope.)

So without further ado, here are my Three Good Things for today, Thursday, July the 18th, two-oh-one-three:

I have a fan in my office. It’s been stupid hot (by my sterling standards) around here lately, and the fan has probably saved my life. (I could go on a tear right now about how much I hate it when it gets above 70 degrees outside, but this is Three GOOD Things, not One Good Thing and a Huge Rant.)

I am not lactose intolerant. Seriously, what would I do without cheese? And greek yogurt? And creeeeeam!! Whipped and/or heavy, on my pie or in my coffee. I would be miserable, that’s what I would be.

I finally have an office with a window again. From about this time in July of 2007 up until about two months ago, I had been holed up in an interior office in my building, sharing the smallish space with six giant filing cabinets my desk and some shelves and my aforementioned fan. Ask me how dark it gets in there when the power goes out – I dare you!

So, there you go.

Happy Thursday, all!