Monday Morning Gratitude

Here I am on the cusp of another week.

Caffeine has been duly consumed, the office is now occupied, at least until I have to take my youngest to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.


The Big Blue Cast is coming off today. We might have to get another Big Blue Cast put back on, but hopefully not.

As an added bonus, it’s Nick’s 12th birthday today. So getting this cast off would be a really nice present. Happy Birthday to the coolest, most awesome 12-year-old on the entire planet. But hey, I’m a little biased.


Birthday shenanigans from earlier in the month, before he had to get the Big Blue Cast. Oh, my melting heart. ❤

It’s not pouring down crazy rain. Score!  (For at least the next few moments, right?  This is Oregon, after all.)

Put some oil in the car this morning – my little Mitsu is about to roll into 210,000 miles and is still chugging along like she’ll run forever, and I am grateful. Maybe she will run forever, as long as I keep feeding her oil and talking kindly to her.


Here she is, Miss Mitsu. The working conditions can be a bit nutty, but she keeps on going. (And no, she doesn’t look like this right now. It IS spring, after all. Did I mention it’s not raining, though…???)

The lower back is grumpy, but I am being very nice to it. My standing workstation is making it  so much happier – but my feet are, as a result of all this standing around, a tad annoyed. So it goes. I probably need to look into getting a sturdy and supportive pair of shoes for them. No matter; I am very thankful I was able to get this amazing little toy installed on my desk as quickly as I did. Thank you, George Fox Human Resources!


My lower back loves me now. For the most part. This is why.

So there’s all sorts of neat things about today, even the small stuff.

Practicing gratitude and focusing on the little things in your life that are good is a great habit to adopt.