A Little Bit of Me

I am on the farther side of Middle Age, sliding with what I hope is at least a modicum of grace towards the big five-oh.

I have three amazing sons – one of which has left the nest, one who will do so very soon and one who only recently learned the truth about Santa. The Pacific Northwest is my home, and I am at home here. Trees, mountains, impossibly dark starry nights and silent, wild spaces are my drug of choice.

There are way too many books to read, much too much to write about and not nearly enough time. That being said, I hope to add a book or two of my own making to the ruckus at some point in the future. I like to think I could spend every waking hour writing, at least when I wasn’t reading. My brain seems to fly along at freeway speeds most of the time and occasionally makes me grumpy when it keeps me from sleeping.

A brand new chapter is beginning for me – I’ve a newly-minted bachelors degree in a double major of writing/literature and philosophy, and I am looking towards a masters degree as well. I will soon be divorced, having been married for nearly all of my adult life, and the whole process has proven to be the most difficult one of my entire existence. I have much hope for a future filled with contentment and peace.

I love music, thick juicy steaks, deep thinking and running, and I am (slowly) learning to love poetry. I have a very small circle of exceptional, life-long friends and my gratitude knows no end for them. They know who they are.

I believe in God.



    1. Hi there!!

      Yes, and it’s been 37 days since you left this comment, and I am just now reading it. I’ve been a very bad blogger!!

      In my defense, however, I have also been navigating a divorce and the sale of my house, which will (God willing) be complete at the end of the month. In actuality, I’ve had plenty of things to write about but I haven’t felt “released” yet to write them, if that makes sense. Once I know I am truly in my own space again, I will definitely pick up the pen again.

      Hope you will actually read this and that you didn’t completely give up on me!! 😉

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