An Introduction, and a Landing Spot

An explanation is in order here.

I am actually writing this in a retroactive spirit, as all of the previous posts on this blog are ones I wrote under the Blogger platform, under the same blog title.  After seeing one of my dearest friends recently engage the social media world with his first blog, I’ve decided to try getting my own act together, as my previous efforts have been sporadic and inconsistent – very much like my paper journals and writing life in general. It is what it is.

What I’ve discovered is that I like WordPress a lot more than Blogger, so I imported my two Blogger sites over here to WP, to join the one I already had started here last year.

So now I find myself with three streams of writing – three different blogs (but now all on the WordPress platform): one focused on my running life (which is currently dormant due to injuries), one focusing specifically on my writing life, and the other focused on thoughts, life events and ideas as I find myself at  a huge crossroads (middle age, being in the process of ending a nearly 26-year marriage, finally graduating from college, and any other number of myriad threads.) I don’t know if I will keep all three of these spots going indefinitely (especially since my running career is way up in the air at the moment) but I don’t feel like scrapping anything right now.

I have lots to say. Who knows who wants to read it, but that’s ok. I’m just going to be.



      1. I have found that whenever I agree to whatever challenge is flying around the LJ/blogosphere I keep up with it for a day or two, or whatever the agreed time interval is, and then it gets away from me.

        Thus, I tend to avoid challenges…… most of the time, it’s challenging enough keeping a blog going as it is!

        Btw, how many more to go before I’m up for the Moleskine….?

      2. The Moleskine project has gone a bit quiet – it goes through flurries of activity about once a year, then it sits with someone for a year then I remember about it! It’s with Roobarb at the moment but she’s had some personal stuff going on so I’ve not pestered

        You can be next on the list if you like!

      3. No worries – I was just curious.

        In any case (due to the sorely needed personal process currently underway) I will have a new address likely by early summer. So I would love to be next, but better to wait at least until then. 😉

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