Three Good Things Thursday

It’s Thursday already! Which is excellent, because of course that means tomorrow is Friday, Freakin’ Fabulous Friday. (I smell another posting theme……)

But, I digress. It remains Thursday for the time being, so three good things I must hereby proclaim.

I’m getting a new computer at work – it’s shiny laptop time!
My current machine is a desktop tower, and I’ve had it for almost seven years now. It’s been a good computer – very few issues – but I am probably one of three people left on this entire campus who still has a desktop and not a laptop. A laptop means I will be able to work at home once in a while – I mean, I love my office with the window and all, but being able to work on course schedules and other Very Important Things while lying in bed in my jammies and eating handfuls of Captain Crunch straight from the box is just too appealing to pass up.

Disclaimer: Captain Crunch is a delicious party in your mouth but also monumentally bad for your blood sugar levels, and also you in general. But it’s a hell of a lot more fun than handfuls of carrots, at least until your pancreas goes berserk and you drown in your own insulin. Just sayin’.

I am actually upright and mostly functioning today.
And why is this on the list, you might ask….?  Well, I went to bed around 9:45 last night and got to sleep fairly quickly, and then my eyes practically flew open at about 12:30 and my brain decided it was time to get busy. I truly wish there was some sort of switch, just a teeny little button even, at the base of my skull with which I could just shut the whole thing right down (except for the autonomous functions, duh!!)  The last time I remember looking at the clock (and why I even do that, I just can’t figure out, because it really does not help to actually know how much sleep is not going to happen…..) – it was around 3:45. So yeah, being horizontal and not vertical today is a good thing. Or perhaps more of a display of stubborn fortitude rather than a good thing per se, since in all honesty, I’d much rather be snuggling with my pillow right about now.

He is 11 and a half and headed to middle school in about 5 days. He’s on the brink of puberty, I’m pretty sure, even though it seems a tad early, and tends to be somewhat of a hot mess on occasion due to authority issues and bids for independence and to be truthful, quite mule-headed when he wants his way. In other words, he’s a perfectly normal middle-school boy.

But, by golly, this child still cheerfully dispenses hugs and kisses and will cuddle with me on the couch while plowing through a big bowl of popcorn and an episode of American Ninja Warrior. And he is finally learning to be a good sport when playing board games. And he’s smart and funny and has a playful splash of freckles over his nose and cheeks, although he says he hates them. Well, I don’t. And he has the most amazing blue eyes. I love this kid so much it hurts. For the record, as if I really need to say it, I love my other two sons just as much, but Nicholas was the one to make the list today.

Did I mention he’s good and ready for the zombie apocalypse as well….?

Happy Thursday, peeps!  And Friday’s a-comin’!



  1. JULES! I added your old blog to my RSS feed. probably bc I did it from my phone or something dumb and tiny. and I was all, wondering why you hadn't blogged n a while? but I got some pumpkin coffee bc of you and wanted to tell you it was delicious. so I clicked on your blog and realized it was your old one and I was like DARN IT. I always do stuff like that. so anyway. that happened. but the coffee was yum. so I'm off to catch up now.

  2. LAURA!!

    Glad you like the pumpkin spice. Can't wait until the holiday K-cups start making appearances. I have had a number of FB friends report Starbucks pumpkin spice latte purchases….which seems a little early to me…

    Sorry about the old, dusty “other” blog. If I can ever get over these stupid knee issues I'm having, I hope to start running and blabbering on about those exploits again, which are usually quite entertaining given my typical skill level and speed. So here's hoping you have properly RSS'd me on over here!

    Tomorrow's Thursday, and we know what that means. I guess I'd better get to pondering the good….

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