Way Behind Wednesday…..

……because apparently I needed another catchy title based on the day of the week, combined with my pointed lack of discipline in maintaining an actual posting (writing) schedule.

Actually, there’s not a lot to catch up on simply because I don’t have a whole lot to say this afternoon. Or perhaps more accurately, I don’t have the energy or desire to write about any of the potential topics that are swirling around my brain.

Suffice to say, I’m in a bit of a weird space right now on a personal level and I could write about that, but I’m not going to, not right now. Not everything is up for public consumption, especially when it’s in a chaotic, raw state.

But I have been thinking a lot lately about feminism, “finding oneself”, Paleo diets and about how frustrating it is not being back into the running circuit yet due to my ongoing knee saga. Oh yeah, I suppose I’ve not mentioned the torn ACL in my right knee, but I’m pretty sure that the three or five very nice people who might or might not comprise my “readership” already knows about that. Not much to mention except that I still can’t completely lock the knee out  (hyperextend) and generally speaking, it feels like it’s encapsulated in cement most of the time.

Summer drags on and I really cannot wait until it starts falling back into the fifties (and lower!) temperature wise. I absolutely love cool, crisp air – especially when the leaves start drifting. Something about autumn triggers a lot of very good, warm memories and just a general sense of contentment for me. So, if you don’t mind, October, please do hurry up. And I truly do hope we have a nice snowy winter for once.

Meanwhile, I flit sweatily amidst the mid-80’s, and I am going to be quite annoyed if we end up having another obnoxious 90’s heat wave before we can resume the business of getting nice and cool (and damp.) It is Oregon, after all.

And……I’m looking forward to some awesome Duck football to start up again. Just sayin’.


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