Three Good Things Thursday

This afternoon I’ve been a bit grumpy and belly-achy and my good friend Lecia, when we went out on our afternoon walking break (in the currently one million degree heat), even admonished me to stop whining, although she was very nice about it.
So, I thought, what better time to get cracking on my Three Good Things Thursday post?
I have gorgeous hydrangeas on my desk. A colleague of mine has a yard full of ‘em, dinner-plate-sized bundles of blooms that are just amazing and she has been bringing them to me.
July is almost over. Which means August is just around the corner, which means I only need to wait a little over a month until September. I love September, because that means cooler weather and autumn, which is my favorite season for ever and ever.
Cold, cold water on a stupid hot day. Not much more I need to say about that.

Hope your Thursday has been at least as stunning as mine!



  1. JULES! I've been commenting on your blog from work and they weren't going through. and I didnt notice until recently. (like their security settings/firewalls/whatever it is are sorta iffy around my office and that'd happened before when I'd commented on my own blog but then it worked again so I forgot) anyway so my comments are probably in some HR file of people to fire bc they eff around on blogs at work. darn it. anyway, YOU'VE MISSED SOME THURSDAYS! where have you been? (actually, it worked out bc that's how I realized my comments weren't there). so my other comment was about being excited about autumn too but idk the moment has passed. miss you!!

  2. Hey Laura!!

    I'm so sorry I didn't catch your comment earlier….I just now logged in for the first time in a while (and THANK YOU for noticing the missing Thursdays…. LOL!!)

    Anyway, here I am. My other blog you might have seen is my “dead in the water” running blog that with a little luck and some more serious rehab on a gimpy knee will be resurrected with wild and hairy trail running tales…

    In any case, so glad I found your blog, and even more glad you found mine….. 😉

    Looking forward to lots of fruitful conversations with you, and wonderful friendship!

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