Three Good Things Thursday

I am taking a cue from one of my longtime online friends Dave Graham and am going to try to post three good things every Thursday.

While I don’t think I’ve ever been downright and wholeheartedly ungrateful about the general condition of my life, I know that I certainly don’t pause nearly often enough to be intentionally grateful. I really do believe that this whirlwind existence could always be worse, some way, somehow…so any day that I am not passed out in a gutter somewhere with tire tracks on my legs and needle tracks on my arms, I guess I’m doing pretty darned ok. (Not that I have ever, EVER been anywhere near such a state, but hey, sometimes the falls in life can be pretty spectacular in scope.)

So without further ado, here are my Three Good Things for today, Thursday, July the 18th, two-oh-one-three:

I have a fan in my office. It’s been stupid hot (by my sterling standards) around here lately, and the fan has probably saved my life. (I could go on a tear right now about how much I hate it when it gets above 70 degrees outside, but this is Three GOOD Things, not One Good Thing and a Huge Rant.)

I am not lactose intolerant. Seriously, what would I do without cheese? And greek yogurt? And creeeeeam!! Whipped and/or heavy, on my pie or in my coffee. I would be miserable, that’s what I would be.

I finally have an office with a window again. From about this time in July of 2007 up until about two months ago, I had been holed up in an interior office in my building, sharing the smallish space with six giant filing cabinets my desk and some shelves and my aforementioned fan. Ask me how dark it gets in there when the power goes out – I dare you!

So, there you go.

Happy Thursday, all!


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